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Lukas Wagner

VP Finance, Pipe


"I hope at some point, you can do this for taxes. If you could take the data we have, and I could just click ‘file taxes’. That's my dream "

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Nick Ionita

CEO, Flux


"The process was fast and easy. The credit showed up in Gusto and was applied to our next payroll. Just like that, one more month of burn!"

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Zack Kanter

CEO, Stedi


"I was blown away by how easy was. This was an enormous pain last year, even with the well-known firm that we used."

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Kal Freese

Co-Founder, Taika


"We're not profitable, but Neo.Tax was able to refund our payroll taxes! That really helped extend our runway."

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Neo.Tax is easy and accurate.


1. Check to see how much you’re eligible for

In a few simple questions see if you qualify for the R&D tax credit and the potential amount of your credit.


2. Identify your qualified work

Create qualifying R&D projects using our simple guidance of the 4-part test.


3. Connect accounts to add expenses

Automatically link your payroll and accounting software or manually enter your expenses and tag your R&D qualified expenses.


4. Neo.Tax prepares filing

Leave the creation of the forms to us. We will send you completed forms and instructions that you or your accountant can file with your federal tax return.

Smile and do taxes at the same time.

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