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How to File Your Form 8974: TriNet

How to File Your Form 8974 with TriNet 


  • The IRS requires that you file Form 8974 the quarter after you file your income tax return with Form 6765 attached.
  • You must submit Form 8974 to TriNet within 2 months of the quarter’s close in which your Form 6765 was filed. TriNet may not be able to process your credits if you miss the deadline.
  • You must sign TriNet’s Path Act Addendum.
  • Some of the information below is sourced from TriNet and may not reflect TriNet’s latest changes.


1. First, file your income tax return with Form 6765 attached

2. Then, locate the Form 8974 generated by Neo.Tax, and complete Part 1 columns C and E using information provided in Form 6765

3. Send Form 6765 and Form 8974 to with the following information:

  • Subject line: IRS PATH Act R&D payroll tax credit
  • Your company name and the contact information of a company officer
  • Contact email and phone number of a company employee
  • Your TriNet 3-digit company ID

4. TriNet requires an authorized person in the company to sign a Path Act Addendum via DocuSign.

5. Once TriNet receives your R&D credit refund from the IRS, the credit will be reflected as a line item in your next TriNet invoice. 

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