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R&D Tax Credit FAQs

How much does Neo.Tax charge?

Our fee is 2% of total qualifying R&D expenses we find and claim for you.

This is roughly 20% of the total tax credit you receive. Why do we charge based on your expenses and not your credit?  According to the IRS, a fee based on inputs (your qualifying expenses) is ok, but a fee based on outcome (your credit amount) is dangerously close to a “contingent fee” which is expressly disallowed by IRS regulations.

  • No upfront commitment. You won’t pay anything until you receive everything you need to file
  • Fee includes all required forms as well as your personalized R&D study.
  • We offer flexible payment options where you can pay all at once (and receive a discount) or spread out over 12 months.

What’s the R&D tax credit?

Enacted in 1981 to encourage research and development (R&D) activities in the United States, the R&D tax credit reduces tax liability for organizations that perform certain activities to develop new or improved products, processes, software, techniques, formulas or inventions.

You can get about 10% back on qualifying expenses such as wages, contractor costs, cloud hosting and infrastructure, supplies, and legal costs.

How do I know if I qualify?

Because of the broad definition for qualified activities, businesses from almost every industry have claimed R&D tax credits. If you have employees or contractors in the United States who spend any time developing new or improved products, processes, software, algorithms, formulas, or inventions, then you likely qualify for the R&D tax credit.

Do I need to be working on groundbreaking innovations?

No. The criteria for qualified research activities and expenses is very broad, and certain types of companies (i.e. software, hardware, science, construction, beauty, startups, etc.) are extremely likely to qualify for at least some amount of credit.

Additionally, your projects do not need to succeed in order to qualify. Even if a project fails or is put on hold, you can still claim project expenses if they meet the criteria for qualified research.

What expenses can I claim for R&D tax credits?

You can claim the following expenses for qualified activities:

  • Employee wages
  • Payments to contractors
  • Cloud hosting and infrastructure costs
  • Cost of supplies

How much credit can I receive?

You can get about 10% back on qualifying expenses such as wages, contractor costs, hosting and infrastructure, and supplies.

How long does it take to process?

The R&D credit can be applied against payroll taxes beginning the quarter after the credit is elected. For example, if you file for the credit in Q1, you will receive a credit to offset your payroll taxes beginning in Q2, and for every quarter until the credit has been fully consumed. However, the exact timing and method of payment depends on your payroll provider.

Key Dates to be aware of.

January 24th – 2022 Tax Season begins!

January 31st – Form 1099 –NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) is due for US Contractors. In general, the total on this form should match a qualified contractor’s pay included in the product.

January 31st – Last 2021 Quarterly Payroll Form 941 is due. (Form 8974 should be attached)

February 15th – Form 1099 MISC (Miscellaneous Income).

March 31st – Deadline for a customer to file (Form 1120) in order to receive Q2 R&D payroll offset.

April 18th – 2021 Form 1120 Corporate Tax Returns or a 6-mon. tax extension is due.

April 30th – First 2022 Quarterly Payroll Form 941 is due. (Form 8974 should be attached).

June 30th – Deadline for a customer to file (Form 1120) in order to receive Q3 R&D payroll offset.

July 31st – Q2 Payroll Form 941 is due. (Form 8974 should be attached).

September 30th – Deadline for a customer to file (Form 1120) in order to receive Q4 R&D payroll offset.

October 17th – Final deadline to file a timely Form 1120 Corporate Tax Return if an extension was filed by April 18th.

October 31st – Q3 Payroll Form 941 is due. (Form 8974 should be attached).

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