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Turning liabilities into assets, figuratively and literally.

Software that optimizes your tax strategy, against a new set of tax changes that make unprofitable startups owe taxes.

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Saved $238,798
Saved $11,648
Saved $677,000
Saved $392,000
Saved $3,146,963
The Neo.Tax Advantage

We’ve brought technology and 20+ years of R&D expertise together—so you capture the upside and minimize the downside.

ML meets IRS

We’ve got a Stanford PhD in machine learning automating the brain of a former IRS agent.

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Our experience means we know which details are actually worth sweating—and which are not.

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We save you money first, then charge a small chunk of that.

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What customers
are saying

Lukas Wagner

VP Finance, Pipe


"I hope at some point, you can do this for taxes. If you could take the data we have, and I could just click ‘file taxes’. That's my dream scenario."

Saved $227,758

Bridget Vuong

CTO, Fuse Inventory


"Neo.Tax did what was best for my startup, even when it didn't make sense for Neo.Tax."

Saved $35,460

Zack Kanter

CEO, Stedi


"I was blown away by how easy was. This was an enormous pain last year, even with the well-known firm that we used."

Saved $250,000

Kal Freese

Co-Founder, Taika


"We're not profitable, but we're going to owe taxes anyway. Thanks to Neo.Tax, we got money instead of paying it!"

Saved $33,873

Zero Commitment

You can literally see the impact of this tax change on your (unprofitable) startup super easily and quickly, and how Neo.Tax can help you flip that from owing money to getting money.
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