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Neo.Tax and Mercury partner to offer an automated solution to the R&D tax credit to Mercury’s customers

The most common question we get at Neo.Tax is: "What's the catch?" It might be difficult to believe that tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars of non-dilutive capital is waiting for founders who file for the R&D tax credit. But there is no catch. Neo.Tax was built to simplify taxes for startups so they could stop leaving money on the table.

Today, we're pleased to announce our partnership with Mercury, banking for startups. With this partnership, we will be adding Neo.Tax to Mercury Capital.

Startups use Mercury Capital to find financing options that fit their unique needs. If there's a fit, Mercury recommends partners to their startups. With Neo.Tax as Mercury's partner, startups can access payroll R&D tax credits and extend their runway. We're excited to be able to help eligible startups claim the money that they deserve.

Mercury was founded in 2017. Like Neo.Tax, it puts founders first. The product is intuitively designed, has unique features like API access and custom team-management, and integrates with most of the tools brands are already using. We actually started as a Mercury customer and couldn’t be more excited to evolve our role.

"Folks typically think about revenue expansion or their ideal customer profile when they think about partnerships," says Ahmad Ibrahim, co-founder and CEO of Neo.Tax." While those things are there, what truly excited us about working with Mercury is our values-alignment — it felt like we were talking to our own internal team."

"We created Mercury Capital to help our customers find trusted and easy-to-access funding options for their business," says Immad Akhund, co-founder and CEO of Mercury. "R&D tax credits are an impactful source of credit for most startups but they are hard to access and opaque. Neo.Tax has built an amazing product that has made it quick and painless to access R&D tax credits and we are excited to partner so that our customers can easily access the service."

The tax code is complex and constantly changing — Neo.Tax has built a tool to make it simple and intuitive to claim your R&D tax credit. Our founding team includes a Stanford PhD in Machine Learning, a former IRS agent with two decades of experience as a CPA, and an ex-Intuit product manager. We live and breathe the tax code so you don’t have to. With our partnership with Mercury, we’re excited to become yet another arrow in the quiver of innovative founders. The R&D credit was created to give money back to startups; we’ve built the tool to get you the most in the fastest and simplest way.

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