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How to File Your Form 8974: Rippling 

How to File Your Form 8974 with Rippling 


  • The IRS requires that you file Form 8974 the quarter after you file your income tax return with Form 6765 attached.
  • Rippling will help you generate Form 8974 and file it on your behalf. 
  • Some of the information below is sourced from Rippling and may not reflect Rippling’s latest changes.


  • First, file your income taxes with Form 6765 attached. 
  • After you file your income taxes, login to Rippling and open the payroll app. 
  • Click “Settings” and select “Federal R&D Credit.” 
  • Answer the questions required for Rippling to generate Form 8974.
  • Rippling will automatically generate Form 8974 and apply the R&D tax credit on Form 941 every quarter. 
  • You will see a refund applied on your quarterly filings. 
  • You should receive a check back from the IRS. The exact timing will depend on Rippling and the IRS. We encourage you to reach out to Rippling to ensure that all forms have been submitted correctly.


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