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Neo.Tax Announces a Partnership with Bench

Neo.Tax is now the primary service provider for Bench's R&D tax credit clients!

Our goal at Neo.Tax is to make sure every innovative startup receives the money they’re owed. More than $12 billion worth of R&D tax credits were claimed in 2014, but a significant portion of that money went to Fortune 500 companies. Luckily, in 2015, Congress expanded the R&D Tax Credit to early-stage startups, to encourage and incentivize the creation of new, valuable ideas in the United States. But still, far too many founders don’t know how valuable the credit can be — it’s worth $250,000 per year or 10% back on qualifying R&D expenses!

Bench is America’s largest professional bookkeeping service for small businesses. Whether you’re starting or growing a company, Bench is an essential service for getting your books in order and tax filing-ready. We can’t recommend their guide to startup accounting enough! https://bench.co/blog/accounting/startup-accounting/

By partnering with Bench, Neo.Tax can help many more founders extend runway while continuing to invest in innovation. And better than that, it brings innovative technology and decades of expertise to startup taxes. Founders deserve better. As a Neo.Tax customer, Bench is providing a free trial month, plus 30% off bookkeeping for 3 months. With Bench & Neo.Tax, tax season can change from a liability into an asset.

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