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Building a Brighter Future with Our Partners

Neo.tax is the best service to claim your growing company's R&D tax credit, quickly and efficiently. Our software streamlines a lot — and will continue to simplify more and more for your startup’s tax season — but we can't do everything. So, we’ve partnered with some of our favorite software companies to make sure Neo.Tax customers get the best prices and best service on the market when it comes to every aspect of your startup. We’ve solved for taxes — these world-class companies have solved for so much else!


Unlike your parents’ brick-and-mortar banks, Mercury has built a banking service designed specifically for growing startups: FDIC-insured accounts, instantly activatable physical and digital cards for new hires, and online wires, ACHs, and money transfers. Best of all, they have tools built with fast-growing startups in mind (it takes one to know one, you know?).

On top of the banking service, we’re also very excited by Mercury Raise, their in-house fundraising tool. This is the banking service you’ve been looking for, founders. At Neo.Tax, we’re so hyped to be the one to finally help you make the switch!

At Neo.Tax, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with these companies we believe are delivering the best-in-class products. They’re innovative, disruptive, and a secret weapon for any startup — just like us. So, what are you waiting for?


Clearco has built a tool to give you best-in-class actionable growth insights and a new, novel way to access capital. Tapping into the more than 17,000 ecommerce brands that use their service, Clearco’s dashboard can let you quickly assess where you stack up in your category when it comes to MoM growth and other metrics, and how your marketing spend aligns with their goals. They also have deployed more than $2 billion in capital to ecommerce startups in non-dilutive financing.

We’re excited to partner with Clearco, because we think it’s another great way to extend runway and maximize your startup’s growth trajectory!


Brex Cash and Brex’s corporate cards make it easy to manage your startup’s spend with the equivalent of a financial OS. Seamlessly create digital or physical cards for your employees on the day they’re hired and create custom expense policies and spend limits for each card. And with the built-for-startupland OS, creating, managing, and visualizing spend is streamlined and superpowered.

At Neo.Tax, we believe startups deserve the best tools and services to do what they do best: innovate and disrupt. That’s why we partnered with Brex: this is the corporate card built to power your startup.


Neo.Tax enables you to claim your growing company's R&D tax credit, quickly and efficiently. We also recognize that in a borderless world, cross-border growth creates foreign-exchange pain points. That’s why we have partnered with Airwallex to help solve that problem!

Neo.Tax customers can get started by clicking on this link to receive USD $15,000 FX fee-free as a welcome gift.


As we’ve learned in our decades in taxes, founder mistakes early on can often doom a startup when it comes time to fundraise. The first step of incorporating seems simple, but it’s all too easy to overlook the details as you prepare to jump from the idea stage to a real business. For founders based outside the United States, the challenge is doubly difficult (and doubly important to get right).

Firstbase.io has made the process incredibly simple and streamlined — no confusing paperwork and no hidden fees. That’s why we want to make sure our Neo.Tax customers know to use them while incorporating. And best of all, Firstbase.io has agreed to offer every Neo.Tax customer 15% off when they sign up to use the service!

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