Get insights into how to save on taxes. Talk To Our Experts.
Get insights into how to save on taxes. Talk To Our Experts

AICPA & CIMA Engage22 Recap

And just like that, AICPA & CIMA Engage22 is over…

Luckily, this time around what happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas. We’re giving you a quick recap of what you need to know from the week’s festivities.

Engage22 delivers once again

Amongst a sea of interesting discussion panels and presentations, it is tough to pick just one. But if we have to, Starting A “Technology Focused” Advisory Practice, Where To Begin was a highlight. Our takeaways from the session were:

  • the need for continued innovation across industries,
  • visualization and analytics are new areas expected of CPAs,
  • and the need for accountants to adapt and step away from pen and paper.

As the week began to wrap up, the Neo.Tax team was able to reflect on diversity, equity and inclusion during the Diversity Panel with Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Alfred Ko, Becky Sproul, and Ken Bouyer. Accounting Today covered the eye-opening panel in a recent article.

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What happens in Vegas...

One event that happened in Vegas and will stay in Vegas, was the Neo.Tax and Happy Hour capped off the week. For all those who attended, thank you for coming. For those who couldn’t make it, we won’t blame you if you have a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) – it was a blast and a perfect way to wrap up a terrific AICPA conference.

It’s Never Too Late To Offer The R&D Tax Credit

To the delight of accountants everywhere, the busy season is over. But it’s not too late to offer the R&D Tax Credit to your clients or file it with their extended tax returns. Our innovative software will:

  • free up billable hours for high-value consulting
  • accurately utilize automation to complete R&D forms and study
  • streamline the process of claiming R&D Tax Credits

Not to mention the latest addition to Neo.Tax’s product offerings, Platform, our answer to the accountant’s almighty workpapers. With the power of AI, Platform can analyze accounting data by uncovering anomalies and making adjustments all in one place. Who said there isn’t an easy way to do things?

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See You Next Time!

The Neo.Tax Team enjoyed a fantastic week that culminated in an exciting networking happy hour. We can't wait to see you at the next event.

Until next time.

The Neo.Tax Team