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About Neo.Tax

We believe that our customers get the best when our team is at their best.

Our Mission

We are flipping tax on its head.

Forward Looking
Minimize Downside
Maximize Upside
Ancient Pain
Modern Advantage

Our Founders

Stanford PhD in Machine Learning

Firas Abuzaid


Ex-Intuit Product Manager



How we got here

Taxes have been around since the beginning of civilization. And since their inception, they have brought misery to all who pay them. Which is also why for over 4500 years, many have sought to avoid paying taxes through loopholes and tax advantages. Unfortunately such privilege has largely been afforded only to the wealthiest companies. After all, they have the time and money to employ enormous teams of expensive accountants to weasel their way through the intentionally overly complicated tax code. Neo.Tax has found a solution to this problem. Not through regulatory reform. Through software.

Where we are headed

Neo.Tax is democratizing the ability to claim valuable tax credits. Extending access to businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses and start-ups. They typically lack the resources to file for many tax credits. Neo.Tax is software that cuts through centuries of Congress lobbied tax complexity. In mere minutes, Neo.Tax can uncover every available tax advantage for your business. You provide accurate and transparent information. Neo.Tax does the rest. It’s simple, 100% secure and guaranteed accurate.

Core Values


Security, Privacy and Reliability — always and at any expense.


We abstract away the complexity between our customers and the IRS.


Simplifying the complex via progressive reveal.


Humans intrinsically trust humans, so let's be humane as possible.


Let's design a system that rewards us for saving time & money for our customers.


Give before you take, more than you take, and even if you don't take.

Work at Neo.Tax

Our Culture

Taxes can be taxing. Which is why above everything, we value the importance of self care. It’s sad that we have to say this but eating and sleeping well are vital to our employees’ health. As is nurturing family and personal relationships. Only when we’re feeling good can we do our best thinking and find the best solutions to problems. When we care for our bodies and spirits we allow the mind to open itself to the free flow of unobstructed insights. Of course we still must work hard. We put in the hours. But always quality over quantity. This is our formula for maximizing our 10X days.


We’ve got you covered

Platinum health insurance, 401k, unlimited PTO, parental leave, HSA, FSA, DCFSA, visa sponsorships (H1B, OPT, CPT)

Optimal equity

Equity issued via grant (instead of options) to maximize your chances to qualify for QSBS & long-term capital gains

True ownership

We are a lean team focused on the scope and impact of our work. We all have a swim lane, & we all share the pool.

Amazing work environment

What you expect but never had: people who actually like each other & team building where we get to know each other.